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We understand that reading legal documents might not be the most appealing activity, and it might be something you'd rather avoid. However, it's vital for both of us to understand exactly what's at stake with our EMAIL MARKETING service. This EMAIL MARKETING Use Agreement is more than just words; it represents how we aim to serve your needs through our INFOPRODUCT services and how you should interact with us. So, let's simplify:

  • What do we expect from you? Honesty, clarity, engagement, and respectable use of our services.
  • What can you expect from us? An ethical, transparent, and straightforward approach, with full commitment to providing access to our services (INFOPRODUCTS).
  • What can you expect from our content? Helpful guidance and practical information on managing your finances, from both us and our partners in the financial and investment domain.

Understanding and accepting these terms are key to a healthy and productive relationship between us. We are dedicated to clarity in everything we do – whether in our informative products or our policies. For more information, you can check our Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and General Terms and Conditions of Use. All of this to provide a more transparent and efficient service for you.


  • “EMAIL MARKETING” – Sending Infoproducts, refers to any situation or agreement where Biblefy sends one or more messages to an electronic address related to the services.
  • “USER” refers to anyone – 18 (eighteen) years or older, the sole holder and possessor of a valid email address registered on the platform – PROVIDER, which supports the email service (EMAIL) provided by it in our “QUIZ”.
  • “OPT-IN” means to register, subscribe, request, agree, and authorize the receipt of electronic messages from our team.
  • “BIBLEFY” is the blog that manages the sending of EMAILS with Infoproduct content.


By registering through our “QUIZ” or forms on our pages and “ENABLING” our notifications/messages – Infoproducts, providing your email to Biblefy Blog, you (USER) adhere to and accept the clauses of these terms: We value the uniqueness of our relationship with USERS; therefore, these terms are conditional on the USER's waiver to participate in any CLASS ACTION. Furthermore, in case of disagreement by the USER with part or all of these terms, we will resort to ARBITRATION (Law n.º 9.307 of 1996) before any judicial solution.


By registering in our “QUIZ” or subscribing to our forms/VIP lists, clicking on “Opt-In”, you attest to agreeing with all terms and clauses of this Email Marketing Use Agreement, Privacy Policy, and General Terms and Conditions of Use. Moreover, you affirm being over 18, being the holder, subscriber, and sole owner of the email provided at the time of registration, authorizing the receipt of emails sent by the portal.


EMAIL deliveries, with Infoproduct content, are accessible to any provider offering the service in accordance with international security standards and Brazilian legislation.


To ensure transparency in offering content with infoproducts via email deliveries, we provide – within the message body, the option to stop receiving future emails, with the message: “Don't want to receive our emails anymore? Unsubscribe here”. Or the ‘unsubscribe' button also provided within the email.


Our goal is your safety; thus, we follow international and national standards to protect your information and personal data. These are “precautionary” measures to ensure a security level in accordance with the Law, and we adopt the main measures in the information, management, and technology security sector; employee awareness – compliance, encryption, SSL, and DDoS. We protect your personal data by managing an internal treatment cycle for safe and proper elimination.


The applicable legislation in this contract will be the one in force in Brazil, in conflicts between the USER and the Infoproducts portal (Biblefy Blog), preferably observing Law n.º 9.307 of 1996 – Arbitration, respecting the provisions of Law n.º 8.078 of 1990 – Consumer Protection Code.


The relevant legislation in this contract will be the one in force in Brazil, in conflicts between the USER and the Infoproducts portal (Biblefy Blog), with primary consideration given to Law No. 9.307 of 1996 – Arbitration, respecting the provisions of Law No. 8.078 of 1990 – Consumer Protection Code.


In the event of refusal of Arbitration as a solution to resolve conflicts with the USER, the jurisdiction to address any judicial disputes will be the city of Indaiatuba – SP. Version 1 of July 2023.